Dust and Air Quality

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Air quality affects us more than we realize. Those of us with allergies know from experience how dust and pollen will aggravate our condition. But even those of us without allergies are still affected by volatile chemicals inside our home, often without realizing it.

So our lives depend more on air quality than we realize. We should look into keeping the air and surfaces inside our home clean.

Hidden dust

Dust on Furniture is usually obvious. As is dust on electronic devices, tablets and laptops’ screens. But there is also the areas behind appliances, on floors, ceiling, fans, on air vents, and lampshades. The skirting boards, the door and window frames also accumulate dust. Use a wet cloth and any extension you have at hand to reach even the most remote areas of your home and dust it off.

Soft toys, clothes pillows an other items accumulate more dust than we realize. Have these washed, and put dust proof covers over pillows and mattresses.

Achieving clean fresh air?

Removing the dust is a task that you should be routinely handled at least once a week.
Reduce the dust that gets into the home by:

– Use an air purifier running in your home. Find one with a fine filter.It only takes using an air purifier to realize what a huge difference it can make. Add some essential oils to freshen your home.

– Bring in houseplants – plants will filter the air, with some varieties actually famous for their ability to eliminate carbon monoxide and other harmful elements from the air. Spider plants aren’t a bad first choice.

– Use nontoxic cleaning products – green cleaning products are free from harmful chemicals. So they are the best when it comes to home cleaning. These days even professional cleaners are willing to work with your suggested nontoxic cleaning products.

– Avoid heavy fabrics and fluffy carpets/drapes – These accumulate dust that is hard to remove, being trapped deep in the fabric.
Wooden floors and tiles have far less dust, and can be swept of vacuumed quite easily. If you do have carpets have them steam cleaned to get rid of embedded dust and allergens.

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Regular cleaning goes a long way to removing toxins, allergens and dust in our home. This make for a far healthier living space. Arrange for regular environmentally sound cleaning.