Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood timber floors remain popular because they look great and are very long lasting. But they are just as prone to stains as any flooring material is.

There are some ways to clean hardwood floors.

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Hard surfaces like timber are suitable for sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment. When this is done on a regular basis it not only keeps the floor clean, it also helps prevent damaged by removing grit that could cause scratches.

It is also possible to clean the timber floor with a damp mop. But this should never be too wet as prolonged exposure to moisture will cause the timber floorboards to buckle.

Never use steam mops on a hardwood floor as the heat and moisture will cause serious damage.

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Timber floors should be spot cleaned of any spill or stains. The more promptly this is done the better, as there is less chance of permanent damage.

Baking Soda and vinegar mixed into a paste will remove ink and many other stains. rub this with a damp rag, and the use a dry rag to remove the moisture.
Dish detergent with warm water will remove food and nail polish from floors. Dry with a rag.
Acetone ca be used sparingly on some timber to remove nail polish, but it also tends to remove any coating on the floor.
Phenol solution is idea for urine stains from pets or children. It also deodorizes and disinfects the area.
Isopropyl Alcohol will remove marks from permanent pens.

Avoid using anything abrasive on timber as this will ruin the finish.


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Regular cleaning by professionals will give you more time to enjoy yourself, and a better space to live in.