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Nobody has unlimited storage space. And if we live in an apartment the we probably have far less storage space than we would like. This means we end up with an apartment that always looks a little untidy with all the possessions we have accumulated. But if we are clever we can find ways to store our possessions out of sight, and live in a neater home.

  • Store item under couches. buy some plastic tubs that slide under the couch.
  • Have storage box under the coffee table. A wooden chest can look stylish and hold a fair few items.
  • Put up shelves on walls to display items. Keep it sparse
  • Put shelves in the back of cupboards
  • Use high spaces. Store pots and pans on hooks at the top of the pantry.
  • There is space under the stairs. Use this. Put a door over the area to keep things out of sight.
  • Put a shelf under the bathroom cabinet.
  • Use the storage space behind cupboard doors. put rack behing the doors and store anything from spices to cleaning equipment.
  • If there is an attic or basement then store winter clothes and Christmas supplies here.
  • Put storage space under beds. Either have draws, or use plastic tubs to store clothing.
  • Use plastic tubs or boxes under the couch.
  • Get rid of paper files by scanning them and storing them as computer files.
  • A fold down ironing board takes less space than a regular ironing board.
  • Put mirrors on cabinets to create a sense of space.
  • Bright lighting with light or bold colours makes a room feel bigger.
  • Have light curtains rather than heavy drapes.
  • Bunk beds give more space. Have a desk under the bed, or cabinets.
  • Put doors on storage cabinets, to hide the clutter inside.

Purge you possessions. Almost everybody has a few items of clothing that they no longer use, and other possessions that  they can do without.

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If you have bare open spaces in your home then the cleaning is quicker and easier. It is also more effective because a sparse decor with some basic decor always looks neater than a cluttered room.

Feel better for living in a clean open home.