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It has become more and more apparent over the last few decades that we all really need to look after our dental health. Dental problems, even seemingly minor ones, can greatly raise the risk of heart disease and dementia in latter like. It we look after our teeth now we prevent a lot of serious problems latter on.

But looking after our teeth is more than just daily brushing and flossing. We should look after the equipment we use, lest their unclean or used state causes problems.

This is the most basic and fundamental piece of dental equipment, so we should make sure that we get things right.

Only use a relatively new toothbrush. Replace the brush after 3 month, or as soon as the bristles show signs of wear. This also applies to electric toothbrushes, but you only need to replace the head, not the whole toothbrush.

Keep brushes dry and clean. Keep them away from toilets, at least 2 meters away, because germs can be carried through the air.

Some people put a cap over the toothbrush head to keep it clean, or keep the whole toothbrush in a sealed container. But these caps and containers can actually breed bacteria, which makes matters worse. Sterilize these things in boiling water.

UV light removes 99% of bacteria. a toothbrush holder or case with a UV light will go a long way to keeping toothbrushes germ free.

This cleans the space between teeth, which is about 30% of our tooth surface. Use floss daily, with a fresh piece each time.

Sinks and cabinets
These accumulate a lot of dirt, bacteria and other gunk. Clean them at least weekly with boiling water or disinfectant. UV lights are also good for disinfecting.

Makeup and other products
This accumulates a lot of bacteria over time. Most only have a usable life (after being opened) of 6 -12 months, perhaps less. There should be a symbol on the back of the packet indicating the usable life, usually as a ’12m’ or ‘6m’ in a small circle.


Tiles are waterproof and the best option for wet areas like bathrooms, but they can accumulate mold. This mold, especially black mold, is very unhealthy. Clean the tiles, especially the grout between tiles, with bleach, or chlorine or other disinfectant.

Cleaning Services Company Sydney

Have the cleaning look after properly, and live a little better with the results.