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How cleans a room look is partly psychological. We can tidy every nook and cranny, and still feel that the room somehow looks messy, despite our effort. Quite possibly it is the existence of all these nocks and crannies that makes a room feel messy. That, and the fact colour scheme of the room just doesn’t look right.

Coordinated Décor

If the colours of a room don’t match then the room will never look right.

Some options:

  • Light colours tend to look good.
  • Some Dark colours can work if there is a contrast with light colours. Dark floors and light walls can work.
  • If you want colour, try adding one colour trim to a light room. Blue trim on a white room looks neat and open. Or brown trim on crème.
  • Choose furniture that matches the walls and floor décor. Coordinated décor looks neater than anything that clashes.
  • Complex patterns on wallpaper or floors can feel messy, or at least over detailed. Go for simple, open patterns like large squares, or natural woodgrain.


Natural lighting makes all the difference to a room. A dim room, or a room with uneven lighting can look drab. Bright sunlight tends to bring out the best in a room. Warm candle style light can be effective for some rooms.

Change the lightbulbs that you have, and perhaps add some extra lights to reach the dark corners.


Open space feels cleaner than clutter, even if the perceived clutter is from furniture. Store things out of sight, and have some bare wall and floor showing.

Keep items at a low level, or high up, so there is bare space at head height.

Mirrors and windows make a room feel more spacious. Modern ideas like photoprints of outdoor scenes that cover a whole wall can also work.

Avoid too many decorations. A shelf of neat knickknacks can work. But endless shelves give too much detail. Avoid this clutter.

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Have regular cleaning in your home. Enjoy the place you live in, and spend your time on something other than cleaning.