Clean Tiles

Why Clean Tiles?

Why Clean Tiles?

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Almost every home has at least one room with tiling. The bathroom will be tiled, and possibly the kitchen, laundry or spa. These areas greatly benefit from the waterproof properties of good tiling.
The methods used to clean tiles are not too complex. But they do require some effort and persistence. Yet as with all cleaning the results are worthwhile.
Why clean tiles
• This improves the atmosphere. Clean tiles look great. But this is so easily compromised if we let grout go off colour, or let mould accumulate.
• Health. We wash ourselves in the bathroom, and feel better for having that hot shower. WE compromise this if the bathroom is less than clean.
• Long term maintenance – tiles that are well maintained will last much longer. This mean no nasty repair bills in future years.

Common Problems cleaning tiles
New tiles can actually have the worst leaning issues. The grime and dust seems to stick to the new tiling. This is because a sticky reside has been left on the tile surface.
New tiles need to be sealed to prevent moisture problems. Then they need to have any detergent reside removed. The residue is sticky, and will attract dirt. Once it is removed the tiles will be much easier to clean.
Similarly, if we try to clean tiles with many ordinary soaps and detergents we actually make the cleaning problems worse. This sticky residue makes dirt and dust hard to remove. Removing the sticky film with a good cleaning agent, and then cleaning with a good tile cleaner, means tiled that stay clean for longer.

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