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Apartment Cleaning Mistakes

Apartment Cleaning Mistakes

Apartment cleaning Sydney
There are ways to achieve a task, but also several ways that don’t work, or prove counterproductive. Don’t think you are saving time with a bad cleaning approach. Just because you tick it of the to-do-list doesn’t mean you have really got legitimate results. Find effective an efficient ways to get everything spick and span.

Overloading the dishwasher – the dishwasher cleans by spraying dishes with jest of strong water. If these water jets don’t reach the dishes then there is no real cleaning.
Stack the dishwasher so that the dishes are exposed to the cleaning mechanism.
Cutting boards – these need to be soaked in bleach, especially after cutting meat or poultry. Cross contamination is a huge issue, so get this spotless.

Taps, handles, doorknobs, and other touchpoints – We continually touch some surfaces with our hands, often after handling food or cleaning up. Obviously we turn on the tap before washing our hands, but we often neglect to clean the tap afterwards, even as we turn it off with the same hands that we just cleaned!
Coffee facilities – These seem to breed bacteria, because of the heat. Even professional baristas often neglect this. But if you taste the improved coffee from a recently cleaned coffee machine you will appreciate the difference.

Furniture polishing –spray the cloth with the polish, and then wipe the furniture. If we spray the furniture first we built up a residue of polish, which accumulates dust.
Reusing the same cloth. But several cloths and keep them for separate cleaning needs – one for the sink, one of the piano, one for benchtops, a different one for the bathroom. Some microfiber cloths come labelled with these tasks.
Dusting – use a microfiber cloth or soft vacuum attachment. Dusters are old fashioned, and just put the dust back into the air, after which it settles back on the household surfaces.

Windows Cleaning  we do clean these, but the liquid on the windows tends to accumulate at the base, and lead a muddy line. Wipe this away.
The trash can – the inside can accumulate liquid gunk, and the outside is rarely cleaned. Put old newspaper at the base to soak up spills, and occasionally take the whole can outside and wash with disinfectant.

Tiles – leave the cleaner on the tiles for a few minutes to let it break down the grime and mould. Then wipe clean.
Computer keyboards – these accumulate crumbs. Vacuum, and clean by running a pipe cleaner or sticky note along the inside of the keys.
Dish soap is only for plates and kitchen utensils. Use some other cleaner on windows and mirrors, or you will get steaks.

Washing machines – these accumulate gunk inside. Some have a self-cleaning cycle. Else, refer to the manufacturers’ cleaning instructions.
Blender – these accumulate liquid debris in joints and under spinning blades. Take the equipment apart and wash in the sink.

Toothbrushes – the moisture and warm air in the bathroom will breed bacteria. UV light will help sterilize the brush. Or use boiling water.
Shopping bags- we reuse these now in our environmentally conscience age. But they need to be cleaned after a few uses.
Remotes – everybody in the house touches the TV remote. And it accumulates food and other debris. Clean these with sanitiser wipes.
The dishwasher – all the much from you just cleaned dishes has to go somewhere. Clean the dishwasher after a few uses.

Apartment cleaning Sydney
Professional business cleaning services know the trick and get the best result in minimal time. Best of all, you can spend your time on something more fulfilling than more housecleaning.

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