Home and Strata Cleaning Services

Cleaning – The Regular and the Occasional

Home and Strata Cleaning Services
It is a basic principle of life that everything around us will fall into disarray if we don’t make some effort to keep things tidy. Cleaning does take some effort, but not putting in the effort soon leads to a big mess.
Of course not everything needs to be cleaned every day. A few items might need to be dealt with on a daily basis. Some only need attention one per week. Occasionally an item only needs to be looked after in the annual spring cleaning.

Daily Home and Apartment Cleaning Sydney
• Making beds. Quite easy with a quilt/duvet
• Kitchen benches wipe down
• Kitchen sinks rinse
• Clothes such as socks, underwear
• Bowls, plates and any cookware that has been just used

Weekly Cleaning Home and Strata Cleaning Services
• Vacuuming Floors
• Bedsheets
• Bathroom floors, mirrors
• Bathroom towels and mats
• Kitchen appliances
• Furniture, chairs and desks
• Laundry floor

Monthly Office Cleaning Services Sydney
• Computer keyboards and computers
• Front and back porches
• Light fittings, switches
• TV remote and television / home theatre equipment
• Kitchen cupboards
• Mattresses
• Walls
• Curtains and blinds

Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney
We want to live in clean surroundings, because this makes life feel so much better. But this takes time and effort which we would rather spend on more important or more enjoyable pursuits. We want our lives defined by something other than cleaning.
Professional cleaners keep everything neat, tidy and hygienic. So the residents can just enjoy the results.
Live life a little better with some regular professional cleaning.

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