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Tidying up after ourselves, or our family members, is an inevitable part of life. The entropy principle of the universe states that everything steadily falls into disarray, unless of course we take time to tidy things up. This is a bothersome chore, though we can obtain some satisfaction from the end result. But we will have more time for more fulfilling tasks if we find ways to minimize the mess, or to clean it up in less time.

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  • Decongest your home of all non-essentials. We can get rid of a lot of paper by scanning items onto computer memory. And throwing out anything that is never used of has no sentimental value.
  • Buy shoe racks so that shoes stay tidy. Or shoe hangers
  • Don’t wear shoes in the house
  • By tidy organisers for clothing and other items, so they can hang in the wardrobe, but still be accessible.
  • Store winter clothes away during summer, and vice-versa during winter
  • Use space under beds and couches for storage. Plastic tubs are good for these spaces.
  • Buy many pairs of identical socks, so there is no hassle in finding a matching pair.
  • Buy a few novelty cleaning items, like a steam mop, or a dust buster, which are at least slightly enjoyable to use.
  • Find a few quick cleaning tasks that you can do during commercial breaks. Several 5 minute cleaning job will quickly add up.
  • Have neat ways of storing pots and pans, like overhead hooks or racks inside cupboard doors.
  • Have some large plastic storage tubs for children’s toys, and keep this all in the one room.
  • Use dust covers on items like pianos
  • Keep pets out of most of the rooms of the house. Train them to have a permanent set sleeping area.
  • Use the space above doors and under stairs for storage.
  • Every bathroom accumulates old products. Most of these can be disposed of.
  • Backyard sheds are good for storing many items, from paint to tools.
  • Open spaces are easier to dust than complex nooks and crannies. Have any display cases for knickknacks behind glass.
  • Hard floors are easier to clean than carpets. If you prefer something soft underfoot that use some rugs, which can be cleaned outside.
  • An air purifier will remove a lot of dust from the air.
  • Indoor plants also help to keep the air clean
  • Clothes that are dried outside will benefit from the Sun’s UV light, which kills many germs and deodorizes cloth. Though this will cause some fading.
  • Good bright lighting helps make the home look cleaner.
  • Have a bright colour scheme, and avoid the drab look.

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Regular professional cleaning will help keep your living space near optimal.

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