Green Clean Office Cleaning Services

Being environmentally friendly, green to use the colloquial term, means doing everything on a way that does not harm anything in the environment, including ourselves. Green is healthy for the long term, and that means saving time and money.

Office Cleaning Services

Hire an office cleaning service that uses responsible cleaning techniques and environmentally friendly products.

Poor cleaning products are often harsh on the furnishings, and harsh on our health. Any products with formaldehyde can cause breathing problems and eye irritation. Some other products are will cause paint or fabrics to fade. Environmentally friendly products means longer lasting furnishings and surroundings, and better health for all occupants.

Bicarb of soda, vinegar, lemon juice and other natural products can clean many household of office surfaces, with no ill effect.


  • Keep plants in the office. This helps keep the air clean.
  • Air filters also keep the air clean.
  • Some plants can also deter insects
  • UV/infrared film on windows saves on heating/cooling costs. And prevents curtains and carpets from fading.
  • Use natural lighting where possible, and save electricity.
    LED lighting is cheaper than most other options.
  • Recycle
  • Avoid disposable cup, towels …etc.
  • Have an office water filter, avoid bottled water.

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

Regular cleaning help keep business running smoothly. Environmentally sound cleaning extends this policy to include the surrounding environment.

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