Reasons for Rental Property Cleaning

Strata cleaning Sydney

Strata properties combine the benefits of private and public accommodation – residents have private apartments in a community building, sharing some public internal spaces and outdoor gardens and facilities. These public spaces require regular upkeep for the benefit of all those who live in the apartment complex.

It is best to have the public cleaning and maintenance done by a professional cleaning group. This prevents many potential problems.

Professional strata cleaning is best because:

  • It eliminates confusion over who is responsible for cleaning. Tenants may not know if they are responsible for a particular part of the properties upkeep. Having a professional team to look after the public space cleaning removes this potential confusion.
  • It saves the landlord considerable time. The owner of the apartment might be able to mow the lawns once per week, but there will hardly be enough time to add landscaping and intensive cleaning to this. This will take at least a day or two per week.
  • It saves on equipment, tools and supplies. Lawnmowers, gardening equipment and cleaning supplies cost money, and they need to be stored when not used. Professionals have the best equipment, have the experience to use it well, and that take it with them when the job is done.

Professional cleaners also save money by buying supplies in bulk.

  • There are no problems with negligence. Gardens that are not watered or plumbing that is not maintained can be an issue. We cannot rely in tenant to look after this. Professional cleaners check every time, and address problems before they occur.
  • Boosts the values of the apartment complex. If the facilities look neat and clean then potential clients are more likely to be impressed. This may even mean a better asking price for a strata apartment.
  • Residents tend to be happier in neat clean surroundings.

Apartment cleaning Sydney

Some residents may want their private apartments cleaned as part of the professional cleaning service. This works out quite economically if the cleaners are already looking after the rest of the strata building.

Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Professional cleaning means all the maintenance and cleaning is looked after for you, so you can spend your time and effort on more important matters.


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