Bed and Mattress Cleaning

Bed and Mattress Cleaning

We spend a considerable amount of time in bed, hopefully getting some well-deserved rest.

It is easy to take out bed for granted, not realizing how quickly they cease to be clean. But they will require at least as much cleaning as the clothes we wear, with the additional problem of dust mites.

We sometimes about sleep hygiene. This usually refers to the good sleeping habits like regular hours that help us get a good night’s rest. But clean sheet and a clean mattress are a part of this too. We sleep much better in a clean, fresh bed.

Mattress and bed cleaning is of particular importance for anybody suffering allergies or asthma.

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• Remove the pillows and sheets from the bed.
• Wash the pillowslips and sheets.
• The sheets and pillowslips should be cleaned at least once per week.
• The cover from a duvet/ doona should also be cleaned weekly.
• Hand sheets and pillowslips in the Sun. the UV light from the sun will help disinfect anything remaining after the wash.

Using pillow protectors underneath the pillowslip will help protect the pillow from dust mites, fluids and other contaminants. These are easier to wash that pillows.


A mattress protector will help protect your mattress form dust mites, allergens and from sweat, dandruff and oil from your body. These can be washed every two months.

• The mattress itself can be vacuumed. Start vacuuming with a wide brush attachment, then use a long nozzle to clean any edges and piping. Make sure these are clean before you start.

• Thoroughly vacuum the bed and the surrounding area.

• Use a small brush (perhaps an old toothbrush) to clean any spots on the mattress. Use a solution of warm water and a small amount or dish washing liquid. Do not use spray cleaners.
• Use an enzyme cleaner to remove any biological stains. Diluted white vinegar and water can be used for this.
• Cover the mattress with layer of bi Carb of Soda and leave this for about an hour, longer is possible. The vacuum clean.
• Let the mattress air out for a few hours.
• An ultraviolet wand will disinfect the mattress. But this is a slow process. And people using a UV wand should wear protective gear to prevent eye and skin damage.

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A professional service will ensure a clean mattress. Twice yearly mattress cleaning is find for most homes. Hotels should clean bedding and mattresses more frequently.

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