Steam Cleaning and Infants

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Carpets should be steam cleaned about twice per year. There are several reason for this. The first is that the carpet will look better. The second is that steam cleaning removes deep grit in the carpet that steadily causes wear on the carpet. Thirdly, steam cleaning is hygienic, something especially important for children.
Children, especially babies that are still crawling, are in regular contact with the floor surface. This means that they are exposed to any contaminant, pollens, mould, chemicals or reside on the carpet or floor. It is important to keep floors as clean as possible to prevent illness, or possibly even accidents from slipping.
Regular vacuuming does go a long way to removing surface dirt and contaminants from the carpet, but this type of cleaning does not go very deep. Steam cleaning gets right to the very bottom of the carpet pile, extracting deep down grime and using heat to kill dust mites, bacteria and other germs. This gets carpet as clean as when it was first installed. Perhaps cleaner, because new carpet often has left over chemical residue (formaldehyde). Steam cleaning means completely safe floors.
The steam cleaning method of carpet cleaning has minimal exposure to moisture. The steam is only there for a few seconds, so the carpet is soon dry. This means no chance of mould growing in the carpet fibres. Other cleaning methods, like shampooing, are effective in their own way, but they do leave moisture in the carpet.
Steam cleaning is also free from any chemical solvents. This means no chemical exposure problems for children crawling on the carpet. Chemical cleanings should only be used sparingly for spot stain removal.

Childcare Centre Cleaning Sydney

Most childcare facilities don’t have carpeted floors, so kindergarten cleaning usually means cleaning hard floors with vinyl. These floors are easier to clean up, especially with the mess left by infants.
Any carpeted rooms in childcare centres should be routinely steam cleaned.

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