Protecting Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an asset and selling point in any home, and the preferred type of flooring in many prestige buildings.  Polished hardwood is long lasting and elegant looking. But as with any floor it does require some cleaning and care.

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Some preventative measure will help keep hardwood timber floors looking good.

  • Place mats at the doors and entrances. This prevents dirt and grime being tracked into the room, which quickly wears away at the floor surface.
  • A no shoes policy is useful in private homes, and in some public restaurants. This prevent damage to the floor.
  • Mats on the floor offer some protection, and are warm in winter. But there can be a problem with the back of the mats causing discolouration to the timber floor finish. Rubber backing on mats can cause this problem, even ones designed to prevent slipping.

Larger mats are less likely to slip. Secure mats with furniture.

  • UV (ultraviolet) light can cause fading to floors and furniture. Put UV film on windows to virtually eliminate this problem. These films also reduce infrared heat, keeping the temperature more constant.
  • Put coasters under furniture legs to prevent scratching. Cork or plastic coasters are quite inexpensive.
  • Clean up any spills immediately. Have a microfiber cloth and mop at hand.
  • Regular cleaning removes abrasive materials that can damage the floor. Vacuum with a soft attachment before mopping. Mopping on a floor with grit will cause scratching.
  • Some timber floor scratches can be repaired by applying a small amount of floor finish.

Hardwood Flooring can be re-sanded to restore the original appearance. This removes a thin layer of top material, which has probably suffered damage, to reveal a fresh layer of timber. Many timber floors are re-sanded once per decade, yet will still last for a century.

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Have timber floors cleaned by professionals on a regular basis. The results are worthwhile.


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