Porcelain Shine

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Though modern alternatives have replaced some porcelain in our homes apartments and offices, for we may have stainless steel sinks and glass tiles, porcelain remains fairly popular for some applications. Good Porcelain is durable and functional, and it looks clean, neat and austere. It can retain this attractive look for decades with some basic cleaning methods.

  • Clean porcelain with hot water and dish soap. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth.
  • Stains can often be cleaned with baking soda. Add lemon for tougher stains.
  • Grease on porcelain can be cleaned with ammonia. Do not mix the ammonia with any other product.
  • A porcelain sink can be filled with hot water and a cup of vinegar. Let this soak of an hour or two, no longer. Then empty out, wait to cool, and rinse with cool water.
  • Be gentle with coloured porcelain. Avoid cleaning products or abrasive that will cause the colour to fade. Warm soapy water is acceptable. 
  • There are cleaning products especially designed for porcelain. These are great for plain surfaces. Some are not suitable for coloured surfaces.
  • When cleaned the porcelain can be polished with lemon oil.
  • Some porcelain that has been scratched can be re-glazed.

Strata Cleaning Sydney

Porcelain in public and private strata residences must be kept clean. It is common feature in bathrooms and kitchens.

Clean porcelain show the immaculate state that is expected of our homes.

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