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Many people enjoys a relaxing bath. It’s partly about keeping clean, partly the psychological relaxation. But keeping the actual bathtub clean is something of an inconvenience, and certainly not relaxing. But it’s a chore that needs to be done.

What is the bath made of?

Baths can be made porcelain, enamel, acrylic, fibreglass or occasionally stone or traditional copper. Different cleaning solutions are needed for these different materials.

Porcelain tubs are the most common, and will handle abrasive cleaning compounds. There are kitchen scrubs (power plus, abrasive cleaners) specifically designed for this. Else, you can mix bi-carb of soda with water.

Fibreglass can be cleaned with laundry detergent.

Acrylic bathtubs can be cleaned with a mixture of bi carb of soda and vinegar.

Copper can be cleaned with mild detergent and warm water.

Clear the area.

We tend to accumulate bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soaps, shaving equipment, old toothbrushes and the odd rubber duck and novelty item around the rim of the bath. Remove these for the time being to make cleaning easier.


Look for any obvious stains in the bathtub, and clean these first.

The traditional way to clean the bath is to scrub the surface while on your hands and knees, or at least to bend over the tub. This is easy when we are young, but a painful imposition for those over thirty.

An alternative to bending over is to use a mop, or a scrubber on a pole (No Kneel Scrubber).

Leave the cleaning solution on the bathtub surface for at least 30 minutes, anything up to a few hours is ok. This gives it time to work on the stains. Then scrub the whole surface.

After scrubbing you should rinse the whole bath surface. A hose or shower attachment is good for this.

Polish the bathtub surface with an old towel.

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