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Venetian blinds are an old design concept that have remained reasonably popular because they are functional, reliable and stylish. It is an easy matter to adjust them for the right light level, or for the right level of privacy. About their only downside is that they are a little tricky to clean.

Venetian blinds range from older models with wooden slates to modern metal and plastic slate blinds. The large surface area of these blinds tends to attract dust, which makes cleaning both necessary and slightly difficult. But the right procedure make the cleaning job easier.

  1. Tie back or remove any curtains or drapes near the blinds.
  2. Open the blinds and inspect the surface. Wipe off any obvious trouble spots, sticky marks, stains …etc. With window cleaner or De-solve-It. Wipe these spots clean with a paper towel.
  3. Shut the blinds and wipe them with either a soft dry cloth (Chux, microfiber) or by wearing a soft cotton glove. A clothes drier sheet will also work.
  4. You can repeat the cleaning with a damp cloth or glove. Add some detergent if it suits the blind material. Wooden blinds shouldn’t have detergent, but metal or plastic polymer is fine.
  5. Some people find that an old sock is useful for wiping down blinds.
  6. Open the blinds and reverse them, so the other side can be cleaned.

Blinds can also be given a light cleaning with a vacuum and soft brush attachment.

Some blinds can be easily detached and taken outside for cleaning. These blinds can be hosed down and left to dry in the Sunlight.

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Blinds are a part of many modern offices. They are an often overlooked part of cleaning.

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