Modern Office Hacks.

Office Cleaning

With a combination of modern technology and practical thinking it is possible to avoid a lot of clutter in the modern office. This makes things look much neater, and makes cleaning easier by removing nooks, crannies and surfaces that can accumulate dust.

  • Have USB power points installed. This means few chargers for phones and other devices.
  • Wi-Fi mean no not having to take cords to laptops and devices, so there is less clutter.
  • Wireless connections to printers removes most cables.
  • Use binder clips or tubing to organize the few cables still being used.
  • Attach a basket under the desk for storage. This is especially good for keeping power boards off the floor.
  • Mirrors add light and a sense of space to a room.
  • Use a blue light screen in from of computers. This reduces eye strain (especially as we age) and is easy to clean.
  • Use some silica packs in draws to reduce moisture. Especially good in kitchen and cutlery draws.
  • An air filter keep office air healthy, helping to reduce sick day and keeping everybody in optimal, or at least better health.
  • Office plants also help clean the air.
  • Store older files digital, so there is minimal need of filing cabinets

Office cleaning services Sydney

Offices will always require regular cleaning. It is best to have this done by professionals who achieve results quickly and efficiently, working after hours so as not to disrupt company operation.

Get professional cleaning, so you employees can spend their time on company business.

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