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Laundry may be seen as an unpleasant chore, especially if you have to clean the clothes of several other members of the household. But a few tricks make for faster and easier laundry. And prevent that overflowing basket of clothes.

Clean some clothes less often.

  • Socks and underwear need to be cleaned after each use.
  • Gym clothes need to be cleaned each time.
  • Suits can be worn 3 or 4 times between washes
  • Jackets and coat, worn on the outside, need only be cleaned monthly, perhaps less, inspect them for any marks.
  • Hats, scarves and most gloves can be cleaned monthly.
  • Pyjamas need to be cleaned about twice per week.
  • T-shirts need to be cleaned after each use, at least if they are worn in public. If you stay at home in cold weather you ca wear the same t-shirt twice.

A few items like pyjamas can be hung inside out in the sunlight. The UV light from the Sun will help keep them clean between washes.

Divide and clean

Laundry needs to be separated into whites, colours, delicates …etc. Try having a different laundry basket for each to save sorting time and troubles.

Wash small items like socks and underwear together so they don’t get lost inside bedsheets or other large items.

Uniform Solution.

Odd socks are a nuisance. But if you buy several pairs of identical socks there will always be plenty of matching pairs. And you won’t get your socks mixed up with other people’s socks.

School uniforms already follow this pattern. Have a groups set of socks for summer and another for winter.

Deal with stains straight Away.

If you notice a stained item of clothing then immediately soak the item or use a spot stain removed (Sard Wonder Soap). This prevent the stain from being stubborn.

Use stain removed in all underarms to prevent satins and odour.

General Advice

  • Hang out washing inside out. The reduced colour fade from UV sunlight, and allows that same UV to kill bacteria.
  • Make sure to periodically clean the washing machine.
  • Hang wet clothes so that they dry in the correct shape. E.g.: hang shirts by the shoulders. This saves on ironing.
  • Some shirts need not be ironed if they are steamed. Put the shirt neatly on a coat hanger and leave in a steamy bathroom.

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There is a certain small satisfaction in getting the cleaning done. There is a great psychological benefit when living in a clean environment. Arrange professionals to look after the time consuming aspects of cleaning. Spend your time on the mote satisfying aspects of life.

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