The old pop culture joke was that clearers ‘don’t do windows’, because they were too tricky. But we obviously cannot leave them dirty. In realty cleaners to do windows, and they have a few tricks to make sure the job is done well.

  • Avoid anything even slightly abrasive. Glass will scratch, and this will permanently leave the window with ugly marks.
  • A generations or two ago people used newspapers to blot windows dry. This was though to prevent streaking. But newspapers contain chemical print that isn’t good for the glass. And nobody reads the paper now anyhow.
  • A microfiber cloth is a good cleaning option for glass, especially windows. These are extreme soft, so they won’t scratch. Yet they are extremely effective because the super fine fibres will pick up the smallest particles, including bacteria. They will even work quite well with no detergent.
  • A mixture of water and white vinegar (half of each) is a good general purpose cleaner. Apply this with a spray bottle and clean with a microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid anything that will change the temperature of the window. Like most materials glass will expand and contract with changing temperatures. But if the temperature changes too quickly the glass will crack. Don’t put hot water on a cold window, or cold water on a window that had grown hot in the sun.
  • Avoid cleaning windows on hot summer days. The glass will dry too quickly, leaving the window with streaks.
  • A rubber squeegee a very useful for glass. After the window is clean the squeegee removes water without leaving streak marks.

Commercial Office Cleaning Sydney

Office cleaning services Sydney wide need professional cleaning. No self-respecting company wants to damage their reputation by looking bad, and dirty windows definitely look bad. Have the professionals do a thorough job on your company facilities, including immaculate windows.

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