UV light and Damage

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Commercial cleaning services can clean up the mess, but they do not repair damage caused by time or negligence. If we want to keep our possessions in the best possible condition then we need to take some preventative measures

Ultra violet light (UV) from the Sun will slowly damage many materials, including home furnishings, carpets, curtains and paintwork. This is the same light that causes sunburn and premature skin aging.

UV light will cause most fabrics to fade. This is especially noticeable when one part of the fabric receives more UV exposure than another, making the colour fading uneven. This fading can occur on most furniture fabrics and leather. Most carpets will also suffer too. Paint is affected in unpredictable ways by UV; some paint will darken without sunlight, some paint will fade with sunlight. More modern paints are less effected than paint of a generation ago.

UV light gets in through most glass windows. Conventional glass will only block more than half the UV from the Sun, but if we want to block more UV light, to prevent damage to possessions inside, then we need to block or filter the light.

We can block the light by using UV proof curtains or blinds. This is effective, though it will block the visible daylight light as well as the UV. We will need to use light inside to see.

By using UV film on the windows we can block the UV light while allowing almost all of the visible daylight through. UV film is permanently fixed to the windows, where it is barely noticeable. It will remove 99% of the UV, protecting the interior of the home from fading. It is also possible to buy windows that have UV proof glass.

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Plain glass windows will block the high level UV light that causes sunburn (UVB), but not the lower level UV that slowly causes skin aging and fading on carpets and fabric (UVA). If we want to remove UV from inside office space then we need to use UV film on the window are replace the glass with UV proof material.


UV proof windows are a sound investment if we want to protect the possessions inside the office.

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