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There are a lot of reasons to be attracted to apartment living. Its fairly secure, convenient and low-maintenance. About the only disadvantage is the limited space. And that pets are not allowed.

Yet there are always a few tick to making the most of the situation you are in.

  • Rent some storage space for the things that don’t fit into the apartment. Some people have model trains set up in storage areas, or pianos and band gear.
  • Rent a pet. Or make some money by walking somebody else’s dog on a regular basis.
  • Some strata have gardens and lawns. Use these for a weekly outdoor lunch.
  • Buy modern technology, which is often small. A laptop takes up less space than a desktop, and can be put away in a draw. A small projector and desk top box take up less room than the average TV, and still deliver a bigger picture.
  • If you have a car you may be allocated a parking spot. Sometimes you can rent space from another. Or you might use public transport and rent your car space to another.
  • Minimise your wardrobe. Buy neat sets of matching undergarments and socks, a few good dresses and suits. Then ditch anything that you no longer wear.
  • Find storage tricks for the possessions that you do have. Under bed, under couches, near the ceiling. There is so much unused space.

Use a lazy Susan / carousel in the cupboard.

Have desks and tables that slide under other tables.
The couch becomes a spare bed.

  • Heating and air conditioning are fairly cost effective in strata as you only need to cover a small space.
  • Increase kitchens space by putting countertops over the sink, over open draws. Use the space between cupboard and appliances to store the countertops.
  • Re-decorative kitchens with stick on tiles and contact. This is easy to remove, though it might require you to touch up the paint.
  • Add a few mirrors to make the apartment seem bigger.
  • Indoor plants are good for cleaning the air, and add to the homely feel of the place.

Strata Cleaning Services

Apartment complexes and strata are a combination of private accommodation and public space. Regular cleaning of the public areas is essential, as no one individual owns these spaces. Private apartments are the responsibility of the individual owners, but many choose to make use of the same cleaning service that looks after the general building. Strata make for a neat and organized lifestyle, especially with regular professional cleaning.

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