Cleaning and Kids

Children make more of a mess than most adults, and will rarely clean it up on their own. Until they are old enough to learn some good habits and responsibility it helps to be proactive, and develop some means to make cleaning easier.

Tips for a cleaner House when you have Children.

  • Avoid glitter, it gets everywhere. If you have no choice, it your little princess is addicted to the shiny stuff, use a lint roller to get rid of the annoying sparkle.
  • Keep Play-Doh away from carpet and fabric. If it does get into the fibres, let it dry out and vacuum.
  • Crayon can be an issue on hard surfaces. Citrus based cleaners like De-solve-It are useful here, as is lemon essential oil. Occasionally it can be removed by ironing over with absorbent paper.
  • Make sure painting activities are done outside
  • Stickers end up on many hard surfaces. Heat from a hairdryer will remove stubborn sticker residue. Sometimes the sticker can be removed in one piece. Else, try citrus cleaners.
  • Many, but not all toys can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This is probably a good daily habit for group item considering the dirt and saliva that gets on many playthings.
  • For toys that consist of many small pieces (e.g.: Lego) put out a large drawstring mat. Keep the pieces on the mat. These can be put in a laundry bag and put through the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Have some plastic tubs for toys. These are inexpensive. Or woven baskets.
  • Stains left by many bodily fluids can treated with bi-carb of soda. Leave overnight if necessary

Hygiene for Children

  • Scented liquid soaps, banana or strawberry, help encourage children to wash their hands. If they are too hasty with the washing then teach them to sing a nursery rhyme for the duration of the wash.
  • Novelty toothbrushes, either with flashing timer lights or pictures of popular characters, encourage children to brush their teeth.
  • Bath toys are an old idea, but they encourage a bath.

Childcare Centre Cleaning Sydney

Regular Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney wide help keep childcare centres and hoe safer and more hygienic for children.

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