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A few generations ago all walls were painted with a glossy finish, because that was the type of paint most often available at the time. This limited the décor options, but it provided a considerable advantage for cleaning. Glossy paint tended to resist staining and was easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

Modern homes rarely use gloss paint on the inside. For the last two generations (at least) most people prefer the look of flat matt paint on their interior walls. Gloss might be used on the window trim or maybe in the kitchen. But the look of matt paint came with a compromise. Matt paint did not clean as easily as glossy paint.

A more recent development is eggshell paint. This has a similar surface sheen to matt paint, but is easy to clean like gloss paint. It provides the best of both worlds. As an added bonus, eggshell paint develops a protective outer coating as it dries, so it resists chipping and other damage.

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Glossy paint is suitable for Kindergarten cleaning situations because younger children like the bright colours with a shiny finish. And it makes cleaning, so inevitable with groups of children, much easier.

Offices don’t suffer the kind of damage experienced in public places, so matt paint is often quite suitable. Eggshell is almost the same in this situation, but has superior cleaning qualities.

Shopping centres and public bars may use glossy paint or eggshell paint to ease the cleaning problems. As these are public places there is a lot of traffic that inevitably produces a lot of cleaning tasks. Commercial cleaning services look after these places. Easy to clean décor helps the situation.

Most new homes use eggshell paint in the majority of rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms which are exposed to a lot of moisture and cooking grease will benefit from gloss paint, to make cleaning easier.

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