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Steam mops appeared on the market shortly after the year 2000. They proved reasonably popular, at least partly because of the growing concern for the environment and for our health.

Many other cleaning systems, mops, sprays, disinfectants, detergents…etc. used various chemicals, some of which were possibly harmful. These chemicals were often needed to fight bacteria and mould. Steam mops were different, because they used the heat of their steam to destroy bacteria and dust mites, often doing so more effectively than most chemical cleaners. The small amount of water used by the steam mop quickly cooled and evaporated, doing no harm under most circumstances.

Of course some surfaces around the home, some floors and furniture, should not be cleaned with hot water or steam. Some furniture fabrics are dry clean only, and cannot be exposed to water. Wooden floors sometimes don’t respond to heat, it is one of their few weaknesses, causing them to warp. The jury is still out on whether steam mops should be used on wood, but we think it is best to avoid using steam on wood till the matter is resolved.

Steam mops look to be good for cleaning tiles, porcelain and some other hard surfaces. This makes them ideal for home bathrooms. They also save a lot of time and effort for business cleaning services and childcare centre cleaning.

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Technology is always advancing. New products and devices not only provide superior results, they are often much better for the environment.

We like to make sure all our cleaning services use the best that is available.

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