Cut & Polish

Some older items and pieces of furniture require more than cleaning. Sometime an antique item requires restoration. This is actual more common with valuable items, or items made from natural materials. Old style furniture, or a fine piano may benefit from a surface restoration.

Cut and polish restoration is used on painted items. It is more frequently seen with paint restoration of older cars. The surface paint on these vehicles can be removed to reveal undamaged paint beneath. This untouched paint can then be buffed to an impressive shine, almost like new.

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Some businesses, especially hotels and hospitality facilities, put a great deal of emphasis on a cultured appearance. This may include polished bannisters, antique furniture, parquet floors and perhaps a grand piano. Maintaining the appearance of these fine item is necessary for maintaining the right image for the clientele.

Cut and Polish Cleaning

Cutting compounds are abrasive pastes. They are used to remove the top layer of paint from an object, exposing undamaged paint beneath. Of course they remove the smooth shiny finish from the paint, leaving a matt surface, so this has to be restored by other means.

The shine can be restored to a painted surface by using progressively finer cutting compounds. These make the paint surface progressively smoother and shinier.

Eventually a polish cream is used to give a very fine near mirror finish to paint.

Else, the paint is initially left with a matt, chalky finish, and a clear gloss is applies to give the attractive mirror surface.

Cut and polish is good for fixing:

  • Sun damaged paint
  • Dull looking paint that was once glossy
  • Swirl marks
  • Light o medium scratches
  • Faded paint
  • Water spotting
  • Oxidization
  • Some shallow stains
  • Blurred reflections in paint.

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Common areas of Stata building often suffer considerable wear. They may benefit from restoration.

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Sometime cleaning is not enough, sometimes an item needs restoration.

Thorough regular cleaning from professionals can help prevent furniture and facilities being damaged.

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