Overlooked Cleaning

Places most over looked when cleaning:


We touch these every day; doorknobs should accumulate germs. The effects are not as bad as one might expect as some doorknob materials, brass for instance, does have some antibacterial qualities. Still, we should clean doors and their knobs.

Light Switches

Like doorknobs, we touch these every day. They need cleaning.

Oven Hoods

These do a great job of preventing odours and grease from spreading through the house. But all that grime has to go somewhere, and it ends up in the hood or filter above the oven. Clean this periodically.

Air filters and Extractor Fans

Again, these are great for keeping things clean, but they accumulate dust and other filth. And a clogged fan may even be a fire hazard. Vacuuming can make all the difference, and a can of compressed air is also useful.

Fridges and Freezers

Bacteria become frozen in these low temperatures, but they do not die. The last thing we want is for them to defrost while on our food items. Clean the fridge with vinegar and bi carb, inside and out.

Remote Controls

These get used a lot. Things are worse if we eat while watching the TV. An antibacterial wipe makes all the difference.

Computer Keyboards

These just seem to accumulate all sorts of junk. Used a can of compressed air or a small vacuum (USB Powered) to clean between keys, then wipe with an antibacterial cloth.

Office Cleaning Sydney

Keep your office for business work, and let us look after the fine cleaning details. SBHI can make sure you have a clean slate to run your company with, so you can concentrate on more important tasks.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

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