Cleaning Tips from Experience 1

Strata Cleaning

  • Some people find a systematic way of cleaning their home or apartment. This will give the most time efficient way of getting everything out of the way. Find ways to leave some household items drying while the clothes are drying on the line and you are busy with another task. This will give you more of the day to enjoy once the cleaning is over.

Else, some people find that using the same system each time becomes boring.

  • Avoid most commercial cleaning products, because they contain harsh chemicals. Either seek out environmentally friendly alternatives or use home products like baking soda. Google the net for suggestions for each cleaning surface.
  • Never mix commercial cleaning products, the results are unpredictable and dangerous. Home products like baking soda or lemon juice are usually safe to combine.
  • Sticky residue can often be cleaned with citrus cleaners like De-Solve-It, available at hardware stores.
  • Start cleaning the higher places in the home first, and then work down. You don’t want to clean the floor and then dirty it again when you dust the ceiling and the top of the cupboards.
  • There are a few tricks for removing marks on painted walls. Try hand sanitizer gel. Or lavender oil diluted in water. De-Solve-it is good for grease ad sticky substances, as is sugar soap available from hardware stores.
  • Keep appropriate cleaning equipment near the area they are used. Have the right sort of mop in the kitchen. Have a microfiber mop and microfiber cloth on hand with timber floors. Use these at first sign of a mess.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Life is too short to spend time cleaning. Use professional cleaners to ensure the best result, and spend your time productively with family, friends, hobbies and education.

Strata Cleaning

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