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We tend to accumulate possessions over time. Some of these can be disposed of. Some of these we should dispose of, but feel reluctant to do so. Occasionally items have legitimate sentimental value and should be kept. Or we have items that are only used once per year, like Christmas decorations or holiday sports equipment. The best thing for these items is long term storage, or archiving.

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Businesses often have to archive a lot of their documents and company equipment. This may be a legal requirement, or something needed for tax records. In this day of computers this it is easier to archive data storage devices than paper document. But archiving still requires at least some physical space.

Home and businesses do well to find a garage space or attic, perhaps even some storage space rental, to archive their possesions.

  • Divide the possessions into large categories.
  • Put each item into boxes with the category clearly labelled on every side.
  • Some categories will require more than one box. So number the boxes; kitchen 1, kitchen 2; Xmas 1, Xmas 2; tax receipts; computer equipment 1 …etc.
  • Archiving boxes made of cardboard can be bought from stationary shops (try Officeworks). These are fine for most items as long as the storage space is dry.
  • Plastic storage boxes are good for slightly heavier items. These are dust proof and water resistant. Many large department stores have these plastic boxes.
  • If you are storing clothes, consider some anti-moth /insect devices. Make sure everything is completely dry.
  • Divide the storage space into different area for each category of items that you store.
  • Draw a map of the storage area showing the various categories.
  • You might consider a folder with a page for each box. Contents of Kitchen 1 …etc. Add a new page when you add a new box.

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It is easier to keep living and workspace clean if there is more open space and less clutter. Putting infrequently needed items in archive storage means less clutter, meaning a neater cleaner space to live and work in.

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