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The first impression is important for customers. We know this as a fact, and we know it from experience because we are all customers on a regular basis. It is also important for staff morale; nobody we want to employ wants to work in a substandard facility. If is for this reason that we also clean behind the scenes.
A business does well to keep things organized behind the scenes. There are floors and surfaces that the cleaner looks after, but there are also aspects of the business operation that only the company itself can arrange. We recommend:
– Organize the stockroom, label and classify. It make the business so much easier to run.
– Find a way to see how long items have been kept in stock.
– Deal with stock that doesn’t sell. Replacement parts should be kept, but items that are not popular need to be discounted or given away as a bonus.
– Check batteries in smoke detectors.
– Air vents need occasional cleaning.
– Arrange for bathroom repairs (like tile grout) to be done.
– Find those items that are hiding in the back of the cupboard. Most will be thrown out. A few will be the missing remote or other useful item.
– If you have window displays these will need cleaning. They should be replaced periodically if you wish to attract customers.
Put nice scent in the air. This affects our mood. It seems to be best when subtle.
Retail Shop Cleaning Sydney
We recommend regular cleaning, so you can run your business in the best environment possible without cleaning concerns. We also recommend the annual stocktake, followed by a thorough cleaning, so everything feels like it has been given a clean slate.

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