Cleaning Curtains

Curtains, drapes and other window coverings aren’t too bad when it comes to cleaning. They do accumulate some dust, but as they are a vertical surface the extent of this isn’t too bad; and dust can often be removed with vacuuming. But occasionally the curtains will need a more severe cleaning. This has been less essential for the past generation as fewer people smoke, and curtains won’t be soaking up as many offensive odours. Nonetheless the curtains should be given the occasional wash.
Many curtains can be cleaned in the washing machine; check with the manufacturer to see what is appropriate. The hardest part of this is the curtains hanging; you will have to get the curtains down (possibly with a ladder and some assistance), find a place to dry them after they are washed, and rehang them latter (again, probably with some help).
Examine the curtains while they are still hanging. Look for any stains, and spot clean them before they are washed.
If curtains are dry-clean only then have them professionally looked after. Drapes and heavy clothes are usually best dry-cleaned.
Some light curtain fabrics can simply be put in the drier for a few minutes. This saves having to wash them. Avoid heat, and use only warm setting.
Some professional companies have steam equipment that cleans curtains while still suspended. Consider this option; it is convenient and the results are excellent.
When the curtains are in the wash, or being dried, use the time to clean the glass windows. Microfiber clothes are a quick and efficient way to do this. Make sure to clean the railings or other accessories that the curtains hang on.

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