Clean Myths

Are all Bacteria Unhealthy?
Bacteria are an essential part of the ecosystem. There are billions of bacteria in and on the human body. Most of these are so useful that we would be unable to digest food without them. Only a small number of bacteria cause us problems, and even these are necessary for other parts of ecosystem, being part of the process where organic material decays. Thinks of these are part of the compost heap- necessary for growing new life. Any bacteria not causing problems should be left in peace.
Bathrooms and toilet seats are the worse area for germs.
Perhaps this is a half-truth- but people tend to overcompensate for toilets, so they end up fairly clean; though flushing can put germs into the air, which is probably a legitimate concern. Computer keyboards, phones, towels, switches and anything we touch on a daily basis often has more hygiene problems than the average bathroom.
Bacteria Dies in the Cold
Not really, unless it’s as cold as outer space. Bacteria will stop breeding in the freezer, but as soon as they warm up they start multiplying again. This is why food can only be frozen and defrosted one. Leaving denim clothing might be valid for alleviating perpetration smell – the jury is still undecided on this one.
Money is Dirty
This seems to be more psychological than factual. Money can pick up some germs, but it’s no worse than most objects. It probably far cleaner than the phone or pocket handkerchief. If you worry about this, try some UV light.
Dishwashers Clean Themselves.
Some parts of the dishwasher will accumulate the garbage they clean off the plates and utensils. A few machines have a self-cleaning function that should be used once a month. Else, Google for a few tricks on cleaning dishwashers.
Gloves are hygienic
We do strongly recommend gloves if you are using any cleaning fluid; we don’t what these chemical in our body. But the insides of gloves are prone to moisture and germs. Clean the insides of rubber gloves and store them inside out so they dry well. Leave them in the sun for an hour or two. Replace on a regular basis.
We must avoid all germs.
Children need to be kept reasonably clean. But they also must build up immunity to the germs they will inevitably encounter. Children kept in completely sterile surroundings seem to be more prone to later developing allergies, and have minimal immunity. Exposure to some germs is almost inevitable, and eventually beneficial.

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