PETS And Scratching Furniture

Pets can be a valued part of the household, and their presence seems to benefit our general wellbeing. But some pets are inclined to scratch furniture, shed hair, track dirt in the house, or generally make a mess. Some practical methods can train your pets or prevent problems.
Cat Scratching Furniture.
Cats are in the habit of scratching in order to clean and sharpen their nails, and to exercise the muscles. Despite what it may seem they do not deliberately wish to antagonise you.
As a cat will always want to scratch something a dedicated scratching post is probably the best answer. Some cats prefer upright posts, others prefer something horizontal. Cat’s that scratch the carpet will prefer the horizontal option. Cats that scratch furniture prefer the upright post. Make sure the upright post is taller than the cat, and secure enough to not fall over.
The surface of a scratching post should be like tree bark or rope, as this is similar to what the cat would find in nature. Encourage the cat to use the post by;

  • Hang a toy the cat likes on the top of the post.
  • Put catnip on the post.
  • Let the cat see you scratching the post.
  • Reward the cat for using the post.
  • If your cat habitually greets you when you come home, go to the scratching post and only greet the cat when it joins you there. Praise / reward it for scratching the post.
  • Put the post in front of any object the cat has scratched in the past. Steer it toward the post instead of the other object.
  • The earlier you train the cat the better. Buy the post as soon as you obtain the cat.

Have a water pistol or spray bottle available. When a cat climbs or scratches furniture spray it with water. Use the minimal amount of water. Never punish or spray water on the cat if it shows signs of anger or fear; this will only aggravate the situation.

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