Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning codes on Upholstery indicate the type of material used on the furniture and the most appropriate cleaning method. These codes are important as inappropriate cleaning methods can permanently damage furniture.
The short description is:
S- Use no water.        W – Use water based products only.             X – Professional clean only.
The actual codes on the Upholstered furniture are:
Code F
Dry Clean with an approved petroleum solvent or fluorocarbon agent.
Code P
Dry Clean using an approved solvent.
Code S
Dry Clean using a pure petroleum-distillate solvent
Code SW  or   Code W
Water Based cleaners, foams or pure petroleum based products.
Code WS
Water based stains should be cleaned with water based products. Sometime Oil bases stains can be cleaned with solvents, but the labelling here is not standard. If there is a serious stain it is probably best to consult a professional.
Dry Clean.
Use liquid solvents that dry cleaners use. Water based products will cause discolouration, staining and shrinkage.
Code X
This material will not take any type of water or solvent cleaning. Vacuum and dust only. If there is a serious stain you may need to consult a professional.
Some spills on furniture can benefit from Bicarbonate of soda. The bicarbonate of Soda should be put on the spill as quickly as possible. As long as the bicarb does not react with the spill itself there should not be an issue.
Regular vacuuming with a soft hose attachment is highly recommended for all furniture.

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