Teaching Kids Some Good Habits

Young children have no end of potential, but little personal experience. Given time they will make the connection between hygiene and health, tidiness and safety.  Till then it help to cultivate some good habits.
Hand Washing.
This is as fundamental as it gets, but it is also as effective and essential. Teach children to wash several times per day, after using the bathroom and before meals. Soap and water are part of the process; it encourages children if they can use liquids soaps that smell like banana or strawberries. Sanitisers are probably not the thing here unless the children have used soap and water first. If the individual child is too hasty when washing their hands then try teaching them a song to sing. They can wash for the duration of ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ or something similar.
Teeth Brushing
If anything saves you money in the long term than brushing teeth is one of them. We have a few advantages today with many different novelty toothbrushes and accessories. A toothbrush with your child’s favourite character on it will encourage brushing. So will a flashing light that times them for several minutes of brushing.
Correct technique is important, so demonstrate this to them. As always, children will imitate some things that they watch in others, but not everything that they see. If they do copy you, set a good example.
Bath toys are nothing new, but they stay around because the idea works. When the child has a bath there are toys to play with. Soap and towels with favourite characters are also encouraging.
Computer Games
Remember when games were thought to be the cause of children’s demise. Then they were shown to be educational. Young children can play online or phone games that teach them how to use clean a room, dress themselves or use the bathroom. Search online.

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