Beyond Cleaning

Cleaning will help carpets and other household items to last much longer and will help them retain their appearance. But other factors can cause long term problems.
UV light (Ultra Violet Light)
This is the light just above the visual spectrum. It causes sunburn and premature aging in people, and also damages many organic and synthetic materials. Carpets and furniture near windows will fade a little more due to the exposure from UV light. This is not a bad as it might be because windows do block some of the UV. Nonetheless using UV tinted windows, or windows retro-fitted with UV film, will reduce the exposure to almost zero. This will prevent furniture and carpets from fading.
Using heavy curtains or blinds will virtually eliminate all indoor fading.
On advantage of UV light is that it works well as a desensitizer.
Mould and mildew will destroy the best of carpets. In many areas it is not an issue, but damp climate or wet seasons can lead to problems.

  • Ventilating rooms can help, but only if you are not letting more moisture in. Just using a fan to circulate the air can make a significant difference.
  • Buy a dehumidifier. This will dry the air, and probably make the atmosphere cleaner.
  • Find and sources of moisture and find ways to deal with them.
  • Use Bicarbonate of Soda to dry carpet out. Leave it on damp spot overnight (or longer) then vacuum.
  • Hard wooden furniture can be cleaned with vinegar, though this is not recommended for any fabrics.
  • If possible, put a mould infected rug or chair in bright sunlight; this will hinder the mould, though it will cause fading.
  • Professional anti mould and mildew products are available.
  • If problems are severe, consult a professional service.

Use rubber gloves when cleaning, and a face mask where possible.
Leather, fabric and wooden furniture all have different preservation methods. The proper approach will keep the furniture looking new for much longer.

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