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Useful devices for Office Cleaning Sydney
We might get the notion that novelty items serve no real function. But novelty items tend to get noticed and used more than generic items. If a novelty cleaning item means we get things clean, then it is serving a useful function.
Office Cleaning

  • Robotic vacuum cleaner. A cheap version will just randomly patrol the floor, cleaning as it goes. An expensive model will map its own surroundings and plug itself into a dock for recharging. Programme it to clean as you leave each day.
  • Cleaning Putty. This gets gunk out of small crevices and other hard to reach places. Great for computer keyboards.
  • Soap and hand sanitiser dispensers.
  • Hand towels with anything from cartoon characters to funny quotes.
  • Pedal or remote control garbage can. Don’t get your hands dirty again.
  • A dust buster or any small novelty vacuum.
  • Microfiber cloths. No need for chemical cleaners, these get rid of germs and bacteria.
  • A UV wand. The UV light disinfects many surfaces in Minutes.
  • An Air filter. Clean air makes all the difference. These can easily increase productivity and decrease sick days.
  • Negative iron generator. This also cleans the air, but the negative ions apparently make people a little happier.
  • Air gun. This blows dust out of hard-to-reach places. It can work in places where vacuums can’t reach.
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