sbhi psychology of cleaning
We feel different in an untidy environment. Some studies have shown that a chaotic looking neighbourhood seems to increase the likelihood of crime; individuals did not feel the need to be honest when living in disarray. If we live with disorder long enough we simply stop caring, not only about the keeping the surrounding in order, but in trying to keep anything else organized as well.
Cleaning your house, or simply have it cleaned, gives one the feeling that you have at least some control over your circumstances. Leaving it messy eventually gives the message that it is acceptable to be messy, and disorganised, and give up. The effect varies between individuals; some people have thin boundaries, and quickly absorb their surroundings. Others either take matter into their own hands and start their own organizing or they leave.
Of course matters can go both ways. A messy house may be the result of a sad, depressed person who has given up; else, it may be encouraging the person to give up and grow sad or depressed. But this is a balanced equation. If we change one side we can affect the other. Tidying the house may be the first step towards recovery; this works even if there is outside help. Else, after recovering from a problem we might feel compelled to start organizing our house again.
Our office space is similar to the house in terms of psychological effect. We will not be at our best in a mess; we will do much better if come to a clean office each morning. Almost every office employees a cleaning service for this very reason. The time taken to clean your own office is considerable; time you spend in an office already cleaned by another is far more productive.
Disarray gets us down. Dealing with disarray is time consuming, even if there is some initial sense of satisfaction. If we arrange for our homes and offices to be cleaned we have the best place possible for getting some real work done. Let a cleaning service get you in the best position for you to perform you best work.

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