Beyond Cleaning

Cleaning will help carpets and other household items to last much longer and will help them retain their appearance. But other factors can cause long term problems.   UV light (Ultra Violet Light) This is the light just above the visual spectrum. It causes sunburn and premature aging in people, and also damages many organic […]

Carpet Cleaning tips

  Stain Proofing Get carpet treated with Scotchguard or other stain proof treatments. These are based on Teflon, and greatly reduce the carpets absorption of liquids and other substances. They are not 100% stain proof, but they are a huge improvement for many carpets. Organic materials like wool benefits the most; synthetic nylon benefit very […]


Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Mix a half a cup of bicarbonate of Soda with a few drops of your favourite essential oil and spread in sink. Add one quarter a cup of vinegar. After the fizzing dies down, clean with a nylon scrubber and wash with hot water. Oven Use the oven to heat a […]


Useful devices for Office Cleaning Sydney   We might get the notion that novelty items serve no real function. But novelty items tend to get noticed and used more than generic items. If a novelty cleaning item means we get things clean, then it is serving a useful function. Office Cleaning Robotic vacuum cleaner. A […]


We feel different in an untidy environment. Some studies have shown that a chaotic looking neighbourhood seems to increase the likelihood of crime; individuals did not feel the need to be honest when living in disarray. If we live with disorder long enough we simply stop caring, not only about the keeping the surrounding in […]